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Hi , me adeeba , you ?.
-Nama diberi Nurul Adibah bt Badrishah . panggil deeba cukup ! cukup ! cukup ! haha ! sweet 16 . sweet lahh sangatttt . *tangan kat bahu mata tengok atas kaki terangkat . bhaha . menetap di ipoh perak

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Dear Child
Monday, April 1, 2013 | 2:09 AM | 0 comments
Hayatilahh Sahabat seangkatan kuu sekaliannn :') .

dear child , when your parent get old you must understand and patient with them
in case they break a plate , or spill a soup on the table because
they loosing their eyesight . pleasee don't yell at them
older people are sensitive. always having selfpity when you yell

When their knees get weaker , they hope you have the patience to help them get up
like how they used to help you while you were little, learning how to walk.
please bear with them when they keep repeating their self
like a broken record they hope you just keep listening to them please don't make
fun of them or get sick of listening to them . do you remember when you were little
and you wanted a toys ? you repeated yourself over and over until you got what
you wanted .

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